Welcome to Jekyll!

So nearly nine years after floating the idea of hosting a static blog, a brief foray into self-hosted PHP blogging with Serendipity and hosting a blog on Blogger; I’ve finally come back to the concept with Jekyll.

So why Jekyll? In large parts, due to it being well integrated into GitHub pages, having no dependency on a database or interpreted runtime for serving and having an excellent importer that I could use to import all my old posts from Blogger.

Blogger ticked most of the boxes for low-maintenance blog-hosting, but I always found myself fighting with it whenever I needed to write a post with some sort of code snippet. Secondly Blogger hasn’t had too much love from Google over the last 5 years, so the site’s theming and layout is starting to look a bit long in the tooth.

Thanks to the jekyll-redirect-from plugin, all the posts should now have redirects from their Serendipity and Blogger-based URLs, so hopefully no links are broken either.

Next up… I wonder if I can import my public Google+ posts…