G+: X11 has a rather neat feature in that …

David Coles
X11 has a rather neat feature in that it supports separation of display clients from display servers. The really cool part is you can use this to run GUI applications over a network (performance is debatable). One downside is you can't move these windows between desktops similar to screen (if you don't know what screen is and you spend a lot of time on a remote SSH connection, please, please look this up). xpra is a project to allow applications to be attached to a special window manager that can then be reconnected and disconnected from other window managers - even crazy things like Xming over SSH. Well worth a look.

xpra up-to-date fork

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Tom Cramer
That's pretty cool. Used to use remote X11 daily in a past job. This would have been very handy back then.

David Coles
It's not perfect (it confuses Unity's top-menus) but does have some interesting features (JPEG compression for one). http://www.spicespace.org/ is another interesting project, though currently aimed at sharing VMs rather than an actual desktop.

David Coles
+Tom Cramer I guess this means you also successfully navigated the aviation system for Thanksgiving. I'm still full on Turkey, Ham and other delicious cooked stuff.