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David Coles
Interesting reading:

"Internet delays are now as common as they are maddening. That means they end up affecting system engineers just like all the rest of us. And when system engineers get irritated, they often go looking for what's at the root of the problem. Take Jim Gettys, for example. His slow home network had repeatedly proved to be the source of considerable frustration, so he set out to determine what was wrong, and he even coined a term for what he found: bufferbloat."

BufferBloat: What's Wrong with the Internet? - ACM Queue

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Rae Yip
A must read for anyone writing streaming software.

David Coles
I agree. I've been using this holiday to play with the queuing on the families local network - mainly to try and get things like SSH and new HTTP connections to open quickly even when the egress queue is full.