G+: Just helping a friend diagnose a bandwidth use …

David Coles
Just helping a friend diagnose a bandwidth use problem. Using over 12GB of data/month with their mobile USB dongle, which seems odd when the most intensive use they have for it is Facebook games.

Anyone have recommendations for good per-application bandwidth monitors for Windows?

David Coles
Yeah. That was my feeling. I did a few back of the envelope calculations and was able to work out something was using the connection pretty solidly for the ~4 hours a day that the laptop was in use.

I'm trying out the free version of http://www.netlimiter.com/ which seems to have a nice per-application statistics module. Sounds like it would be a good way of tracking exactly what's leaking.

David Coles
Nice. I was sure there had to be something built into Windows, but I only found the Windows MMC Performance snap-in. Resource monitor looks perfect.

I guess TCPView could also be a good option, except it's per-application/per-connection. But it does have a total bytes for each connection which is a bit more useful for profiling over an evenings use.

David Coles
I wonder if they track UDP traffic. Surely they wouldn't ignore it.

Jeremy Visser
I would recommend NetWorx, which is a sort of friendlier netstat for Windows. Sadly proprietary, but then again most stuff on Windows is.