G+: Holy updated Google+ Batman

David Coles
Holy updated Google+ Batman!
Looks like +Abdulla Kamar got his wish for a new UI design.

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Michael Poloni
Looks nice.

I hope they've changed the inconsistent behaviour in the timeline. With the old G+: When you open up G+ fresh (i.e. login or a new window) it will put the post with the most recent comments at the top. However when you click the G+ logo to refresh the page, or simply reload it, it sorts only with the most recent original-post at the top! Result is that you need to scroll down to find any extra comments. The way Yammer behaves is much better (it even draws a little line to show "previously loaded").

Michael Poloni
Hmm, nope. It would appear that the same awkward behaviour with the timeline remains. Google could learn a thing or two from the fellows at Yammer.