G+: I can highly recommend Batman Arkham Bundle that …

David Coles
I can highly recommend Batman Arkham Bundle that was on special last weekend. Arkham Asylum, while not overly difficult, has a lot of fun gameplay that really makes you feel like Gotham's caped crusader. Great fun to swing from gargoyle to gargoyle and then swoop down to take out a thug before vanishing into the rafters again. And from my early impressions Arkham City looks to only improve on this experience.

Controls on PC are generally pretty good, though the occasional fixed camera angle scenes are frustrating (especially you're trying to dodge a crowd of thugs or make a precision jump).

And the one big downside: Holy crazy DRM Batman! Arkham Asylum on Steam had not just one or two levels of DRM, but three levels stacked on top of one another. You get Steam + SecureRom + GFWL. Wow. Talk about over the top. Thankfully I found out you can create a "local" account in GFWL which meant it kept mostly out of the way and meant I didn't just give up on the game like I did with Bioshock 2. I'm told the game also has wonderful features like requiring an "always on" internet connection and online pass for certain "additional" game content. I can see why people just decide to forgo PC gaming for a console or prefer to used cracked copies even if they've legitimately purchased the game.

Batman Arkham Bundle on Steam

William Grant
You can skip GFWL entirely by just clicking the close button when it does its stupid login prompt.

David Coles
Yeah. That was a nice feature of Arkham City. Arkham Asylum required you at least create a local account or it would refuse to save your game. I wish I knew I could do that in Bioshock 2 - might have enjoyed that game if I could play it.