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David Coles
Wow. Pretty impressed what can be done with Native Client. I didn't know Ubisoft or any other large publisher was looking at porting a full game to NaCl. And in theory it should work just as well on Linux and Mac as it does on Windows.
Google Chrome
From Dust, the award-winning survival strategy game from +Ubisoft, has come to the Chrome Web Store with stunning 3D graphics & animations helped made possible by Native Client, a technology that allows native code to be safely executed within the browser.

Help guide your tribe through 13 different, perilous territories by controlling the elements and shaping the terrain around your people. You can find From Dust here in the Chrome Web Store: http://goo.gl/ny8kq.


From Dust

Tim Cuthbertson
Huh, apparently I only have chromium 17, and it needs 19. I thought nacl was added in 12, but I guess there's other stuff it relies on too :/

David Coles
From what I can tell the Native Client system APIs are still undergoing a lot of flux. Things like the ability to go full screen and lock/hide the mouse - basically a prerequisite for many games - only landed quite recently.

Matt Giuca
I think NaCl was added in 14. But as with anything, you're going to need newer versions to use newer features. I'm really impressed by this technology and I hope once it becomes a bit more stable, others will pick it up (esp: Mozilla will come around). I hate the criticism that it's Google trying to do a 90s Microsoft and lock people in to their proprietary native technology -- NaCl is free for anybody to use. Nobody is locking anybody in to anything.

What I'm really impressed with is how it works at the assembly level (especially how the bytecode verifier can prove that the program won't jump to an unknown instruction such as an instruction hidden in the bytes in between other instructions). If you get time, check out the original NaCl paper: http://www.chromium.org/nativeclient/reference/research-papers. This is some really cool tech.

Torgeir Hagland
he I guess it does run as well on mac and linux seeing how <cough>good</cough> nacl runs on windows... ;P