G+: Hey look at that

David Coles
Hey look at that! The +ABC has updated their mobile app (it previously degraded really badly on anything bigger than a phone). Given that Flash is no longer supported on Android (and there doesn't appear to be a HTML5 version), I figured I'd give it a go for watching "News in 90 Seconds".

Sadly the app is geo-locked to Australia (unlike the last version), preventing expats like myself from using it while abroad. Real shame. I hope it gets fixed.

(Also discovered that SBS World News Australia has a neat Android app that is available internationally: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sbs.worldnewsaustralia )


Patrick McLean
Sounds like me. My Canadian bank finally released an online banking app for Android, but it's geo-locked to Canada, so once again useless to expats.