G+: Jam Free Guaranteed*(* Raspberry, Strawberry or Blueberry only)Help …

David Coles
Jam Free Guaranteed*
(* Raspberry, Strawberry or Blueberry only)

Help a lot when your office has a proper toolkit with a good pair of pliers.

Amber Kent
I was exceptionally good at jamming the library staplers back in the day. I always had to turn them over to some of the older ladies to get them fixed.

I also regularly broke the typewriters. I was banned from using them. :(

David Coles
Well the worst crime is when people leave them jammed for the next poor sod to discover/

I'm also kind of a total klutz at work, and have built up a bit of a reputation for breaking bits of "one of a kind" hardware (like snapping off USB ports or dropping telephones on them). On the plus side I usually can fix them. :p