G+: It's certainly been a really interesting year, with …

David Coles
It's certainly been a really interesting year, with Microsoft PR swinging out hard against it's foes (more often than not Google).

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Matt Giuca
Hehe, so that's where all these crazy ads come from. Scroogled was pretty funny.

I don't know about "the biggest disappointment in Microsoft’s history"...

Tom Cramer
Dan Lyons, that told me enough to just skip the article.  He went off the crazy end a while ago.  I also tend to skip articles trying to frame situations like this.  Companies compete all the time, why does the press find the need to declare winners and losers all the time?  (Also an aspect of myself I've been working to correct).

David Coles
+Tom Cramer I wish that companies would actually go and do that - compete! I personally believe that the best future won't be with either Google, Apple or Microsoft being the next encumbant monopoly, but that diversity and choice give the best options for consumers. The fortune these companies put into patient litigation, aggressive licencing fees and slime ball advertising could far better be invested in making better products. That's what annoys me most about the whole ordeal.