G+: While my heart goes out to all those …

David Coles
While my heart goes out to all those affected by the tragic events in Boston, I wish we had a better response to these events than turning it into a 24x7 news coverage on all channels. No more useful information was provided, instead it becomes echo chamber of speculation and simmering panic. The local news even went as far as to cover the increased security at LAX even though there had been no suggestion that airports were threatened. This feels more like fear mongering than anything else.

Don't let the Boston Marathon bombing terrorize you, or the bombers win

Matt Giuca
They always do this. The terrorists always win; note that they're not called "explosionists". The explosion is just a means for spreading terror.

David Coles
Can you now imagine the security people are going to demand for marathons now. Exclusion zones around the finish line? Metal detectors for everyone who wants to see the event? The trouble is that it's one very specific event you would be trying to prevent happening.

I wish they'd not even use the "T" word and stick with unexplained explosion or even bombing - even the word seems to just spread more fear.