G+: The Checkout appears to be another one of …

David Coles
The Checkout appears to be another one of those great series by +ABC Australia (think consumer affairs with a dash of The Chaser).

Here's an amusing snippets on how complimentary medicines work in Australia.


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David Coles
Alas the full episodes aren't available outside Australia. :(

Lorraine Coles
Nichole won't be happy about that !

Shanika Kuruppu
I though I heard +Matt Giuca say that Swisse was going to sue the ABC over that segment. I guess Swisse just can't handle the truth.

David Coles

Michael Poloni
I've found the program both informative and entertaining.

You may find this article of interest: http://www.theage.com.au/business/the-checkout-is-a-bitter-pill-for-some-20130503-2ixet.html (if you can read it offshore!)

The article touches such issues as advertising and the mainstream media, why they won't go tackling such important issues because their funding would be at risk if they did.