G+: I'm not a huge fan of Monopoly myself, …

David Coles
I'm not a huge fan of Monopoly myself, but it's fun looking at how you can break down the game with some straight forward maths and crush your opponents!

Solving Monopoly with Markov chains

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Nicola Cocchiaro
Now I feel a sudden urge to play Monopoly.

Michael Poloni
Is this an American version of Monopoly?! How blasphemous!

Michael Poloni
Oh, there are some monopoly rules I never knew about!

e.g. If you roll doubles 3 times you're supposed to go to jail! :-O

Matt Giuca
"An American version"? Monopoly was originally American. The British version which I assume Australians are moist familiar with was a clone. (I was shocked too when I learned this.)