G+: Pacman as a first-person survival horror game.aI can't …

David Coles
Pacman as a first-person survival horror game.a
I can't play these games for too long - they always stress me out (even this one!)

(via +Boing Boing: http://boingboing.net/2013/06/23/pac-man-reimagined-as-survival.html)


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Lorraine Coles
Pacman still exists??? Thought he over ate in the eighties 😮

David Coles
http://macek.github.io/google_pacman/ Nope, he's still alive and kicking.

Shanika Kuruppu
Argh I'm so disappointed. Matt and I started making a Pacman that's FPS style right after the Google one came out. Then we forgot to finish it. Damn!

David Coles
That would have been great to see. Were you planning on doing it with WebGL or something like blender?

Shanika Kuruppu
Currently it's using OpenGL. But with a bit of work we could have moved it over to using WebGL.