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David Coles
Woohoo! Excellent news - been watching SDL 2.0 development branch for a long time, but great that it's now stable.
Ryan Gordon

Okay, it's official, we've shipped SDL 2.0.0 now. It's insanely great. It's the Hyperloop of game development toolkits.

I get a lot of questions about moving from SDL 1.2 to 2.0, and even more complaints that there isn't any good documentation about this, so I wrote some. Actually, I wrote a lot.

Here you go, migrators:


That document is written in a more casual than technical tone, and covers just the things you need to know to move to SDL 2.0.0. It turns out that while there's a lot of small details, it's actually not too hard to migrate. I've done it for three games now (Postal, Aquaria, Lugaru), and each took an hour or two. In the case of Postal, the software renderer and OpenGL backends could be collapsed into a few calls to the SDL_render API, at a reduction of hundreds of lines of code.

Not to mention that all the things that wanted a message box no longer have a printf() call.  :)

See typos and desire improvements? Let me know and we'll update the wiki.

[SDL] Announcing SDL 2.0.0

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