G+: Seems like a side-effect of +ABC Australia moving …

David Coles
Seems like a side-effect of +ABC Australia moving everything to iView is that you can't watch things like Gruen Nation and The Hamster Decides outside of Australia.

Which, quite frankly, sucks. What's the fun in voting from overseas if you miss all the wonderful political comedy. 

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Ivan Neeson
If you add a header X-Forwarded-For with an Aussie IP it should work.

Michael Poloni
Gruen was good. Hamster was a little disappointing.

Shanika Kuruppu
I recently downloaded an app called aview on Android that serves iview content. Would that work for you in the US? I haven't actually tried it myself. For all I know it's probably taken down by now.

David Coles
+Ivan Neeson I tried out the X-Forwarded-For header trick and was able to get past the web-page based geoblock, but it seems that the RTMP server does its own blocking.

Peter Schachte
+David Coles If you're in the US, don't worry.  In another year or so the deluge of political comedy will start, and not let up for 2 years.

David Coles
+Peter Schachte On one hand it's nice getting a front row seat to the US elections. On the other, it starts to feel like reruns after the first year. One month seems about perfect amount of politics.