G+: Yet another, behind-closed-doors deal that looks like it's …

David Coles
Yet another, behind-closed-doors deal that looks like it's going to be a huge boon for US-corporations and a big loss for Australian consumers. What's more disappointing is that it appears that Australia's representatives seem to be completely on board with this, or at very best completely "passive" in negotiations, even where points directly conflict with the a bipartisan Parliamentary committee report from earlier this year that condemned a number of dubious trade practices.

I think trade deals are, in general, a good thing to have. But if they really have to be on equitable terms. If companies keep charging outrageous regional pricing, I see little benefit to Australia strengthening it's copyright policies and introducing bans on circumventing geoblocking.

Trade deal could be bitter medicine

David Coles

Lorraine Coles
πŸ˜’ something seems to be missing in this discussion, despite a 12 month enquiry, I don't think we know all about the ins & outs behind the scenes...maybe we should use our brains and develop our own you-bute good-stuff!!! & switch the situation around !!!! πŸ’‘