G+: It's a great attitude to take when approaching …

David Coles
It's a great attitude to take when approaching when something goes horribly horribly wrong.

Will probably be of interest to +Rae Yip and our SRE team.
Francis Lacoste
Great slide deck.  Would love to watch the complete presentation. Full of great advice in there. My main take aways are 1) Restate the problem to include time to recovery, 2) don't look for root causes (they are a myth) but look for the incremental fixes that have the broadest impact (on #1).

+Elliot Murphy There is even a quote in there that reminded me of something that you said once in a Launchpad epic that made a great impression on me: "There are two kind of startups: the ones that achieve some modest traction on top of a pile of code of which they are vaguely ashamed and the ones that go out of business. That's it. No third kind."

How to Run a Post-Mortem (With Humans, Not Robots), Velocity 2013

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Tom Cramer
Thanks for sharing.