G+: This is one reason I never want to …

David Coles
This is one reason I never want to go anywhere bloody near app-store game development.

Clones. Clones everywhere.

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Lorraine Coles
I've got the name of the next great app for you.... "UNDER MINE" " dig the ground out from underneath your fellow programmer, faster than the others & climb the Appa-loss Mountains:).... Actually this sounds like a great game, something a lot of people would empathize with...... Hey guys get on to it... copyright Lorraine Coles 2014

Andrew Coles
Well. Look what happened to flappy birds. Dude takes it off the markets. People sell their phones with it installed for thousands.

David Coles
That's the other ridiculous part. The whole 99c model seems to only encourage people to build cheap half-baked products in the hope that one will "go viral" and make them a fortune (or they'll try and make their money in a myriad of other methods such as advertisement, selling your data or a micropayment system that makes machines look honest). If I was going to build something, it would probably be either very niece market or something that I'd release open-source because most of it would be built on top of someone else's good development work.