G+: Diablo Ⅲ on Linux on the Gigabyte BRIX …

David Coles
Diablo Ⅲ on Linux on the Gigabyte BRIX Pro 4770r. Works surprisingly well for an integrated GPU (the Intel Iris Pro 5200 is pretty impressive). Needed the latest version of Wine and a few config tweaks, but perfectly playable.

Time to grab some loot!

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Tom Cramer
It's impressive to see Intel's gains in GPUs lately.  Valve gave out those systems to developers for SteamOS.

David Coles
I'm definitely impressed with it. I could pretty much run it with high textures and shadows and it still ran quite smoothly (despite the "unsupported video card" warning on start). Makes me wonder if I really need a discrete GPU for gaming.

It's a great box, provided you don't mind the fan noise (I tuck it behind the desk). The only problem is I think the power supply just blew on it (LEDs and fan are flickering, won't POST) - this one's been giving me a bit of trouble hardware wise.

brendan westhorpe
I'm more impressed by the samurai pizza cats DVD.