G+: So you get a double whammy

David Coles
So you get a double whammy. Not only would the richest 20% contribute less than the poorest 20%, but it's also a significantly smaller impact on their overall income.
Matt Giuca
The poorest 20% of Australians will contribute $2.9 bn to repairing the budget in the next four years, while the richest 20% will contribute just $1.8 bn. The study took into account the many cost-of-living factors and benefits, including the effects of repealing the carbon tax.

Since the richest 20% earn 10.8 times the amount as the poorest 20% [1], this means that the rich are contributing just 5.7% of the amount that the poor are contributing, as a factor of their income [2].

In other words, this is a budget to benefit the rich at massive cost to the poor. Or, as Tony Abbott would put it, "striving to be fair."

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