G+: Might be a good one to watch today …

David Coles
Might be a good one to watch today given the fate of Australia's Carbon "Tax", some not so subtle threats from the Government about passing the budget and a swathe of new intelligence powers (increased surveillance of Australian citizens and the threat of heavy jail time for disclosure of intelligence operations) , all up for debate in the Senate.

Carbon tax repeal debate resumes in the Senate – politics live

Peter Schachte
This federal government has proved to be so much worse than I expected.  Abbott makes Howard look like a left-wing radical.

Matt Giuca
It's pretty disappointing when you set yourself up to expect the worst and it's even worse than you thought.

(Having said that, the repeal of the carbon tax was to be expected. It's basically the only election promise he's kept.)

Peter Schachte
The problem is that I wasn't expecting the worst.  His discipline during the campaign led me to expect him to keep his promises.  The only ones he's kept have been the ones I didn't want him to keep.  He even broke his promise not to break his promises.  He really is much worse than John Howard.  Or any other Prime Minister Australia has had in the last 20 years.