G+: And there you have it

David Coles
And there you have it. Well done Australia. Well done. slow clap But hey, you just saved "$550". slow clap

Carbon tax repealed by Senate

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David Coles
We now have the dubious honour of being the country going backwards on climate policy (amongst other things...)

Peter Schachte
I don't believe the $550 figure for a minute.

John Beaton
It's amazing, over here in the good ol' gas-guzzling USA we actually have meaningful action taking place in California.  The Tesla Model S has achieved the "status symbol" spot amongst cars (and believe me, those things go pretty well ;) ), It's cheaper to source power from solar and there seems to be a resurgence of interest in high speed rail etc.  This really puts Australia to shame.

Honestly, I think the future is bright for renewable energy simply because of the economics of PV production.  A recent UBS report finds it will most likely be cheaper for most households to go off grid in 2018, carbon tax or no carbon tax.  http://reneweconomy.com.au/2014/ubs-australian-households-go-grid-2018

The Australian government seems blind to this fact and seems to wants to destroy investment in this sector.  I'm not sure what the motivation is behind this, whether its an entrenched "colony mindset" in Conservatives (colonies typically focus on extractive and low-value primary industries), economic illiteracy/incompetency, or a much more sinister alternative (political corruption/lobbying from the coal industry).

The good thing is, you can still stick it to the proverbial man by divesting from fossil fuel shares (See http://gofossilfree.org/ etc) as well as investing in rooftop PV.  I've already done the divestment side of things, working on the PV investment.

Brian Todd
Labor dribblers. Govt got rid of a useless, job destroying tax.

John Beaton
+Brian Todd 

The facts show that there's a strong correlation between human activity and global temperature rise.  As a diver I can see the effects of coral bleaching, and I'm saddened by the damage increasing ocean acidification is doing to the natural world.  (You should go for a dive - its really quite beautiful).

Carbon tax or no carbon tax though, i'm not too concerned.  If you study the economics of energy pricing, the long term forecast for the price of solar per watt is trending down exponentially, the price of coal extraction is trending up and the global market for coal is predicted to contract.  

I know where my investment dollars will be going - not to coal, that's for sure.  (Unfortunately probably not into Australian renewables now, at least not for a few years anyway courtesy of Mr Abbott.  Talk about destroying jobs...)

Lindsey Hatfield
It is interesting, they have revealed the carbon tax removing some billions of dollars from their income, but they have not told big business that they have to reduce their prices or give back the incentives that they are getting since the introduction gave them special bonuses.

So now the government that is transfixed on paying off our deficit ASAP, reducing age care, school funding, pensions . . . . Carefully look after big business and sucking money out of the poor people.
Mind you we do have it pretty good over here.

As for saving $550 no way, this is costing the country a fortune.

David Coles
I think that's the most depressing part. I'll admit that the carbon tax may not have been perfect, but it had it's incentives in the right place. You pay to pollute, the government uses the income to encourage new industries as well as compensating those who may have been worse off (everyone got a tax break and some extra assistance to those on the pension and welfare).

And it seemed to be working, having curbed carbon dioxide from the energy sector by up to 17 million tonnes ( http://www.theguardian.com.au/story/2423463/carbon-price-helped-curb-emissions-anu-study-finds/?cs=8 ). I'm far from convinced "direct action" will have near as much an impact, especially when the incentive is "we'll pay you if you don't pollute (as much)".

But hey, congratulations Mr. Abbott: you kept your "blood oath".