G+: Wow

David Coles
Wow. This this is the worst technology advice I've seen in a while:

It amounts to suggesting you run an unrestricted SOCKS proxy public on the internet without any form of authentication.

The only real saving grace is that OpenSSH's dynamic SOCKS proxy support requires, you know, being connected to a remote SSH server. Thus by putting in "www.paypal.com" you'll never actually connect (unless PayPal has been running some sort of unauthenticated SSH service that I've never heard of).

OpenSSH's dynamic SOCKS proxy feature is awesome, but you really need to be running a SSH server to relay the traffic through. Just make sure you use a strong password or public key authentication. You can even run it on a non-standard port like 443 if you're worried about overzealous outbound firewalls.


Jeremy Visser
Reads almost like someone knew what they were doing, but wrote it whilst incredibly drunk. Submit a patch?

David Coles
Heh. I like that theory. It's written well enough that everything sounds plausible, its just horribly wrong at a few very key places.

Definately considering it. I know FoxyProxy is open source, but not sure about the website.

Jeremy Visser
Flick ‘em an e-mail with updated copy. Easy enough for them to copy-and-paste.