G+: I think I just found an easter egg …

David Coles
I think I just found an easter egg in the Ookla SpeedTest app...

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Lorraine Coles
Where??? 🐰

David Coles
I think Ookla is the easter egg.

Jeremy Visser
How did you trigger it?

David Coles
+Jeremy Visser​ Run a speed test then swipe down on the speed dial after the test finishes.

Michael Poloni
That cat is one scrawny furball!

Shawn Zeppel
It's done that for years :), it used to show a little more about the cat before it passed away :(

Shawn Zeppel
+Jeremy Visser, make sure you pull the odometer the entire way down each time, and don't stop after the first blank page either ;)